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Background: Doctors of BC and Facility Engagement Funding

The overarching intent of FE funding is to foster meaningful consultation and collaboration between MSAs and health authorities.  To strengthen the engagement between MSAs and health authorities, FE expenditures must align with at least one of the following Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) objectives:

  1. To improve communication and relationships among the medical staff so that their views are more effectively represented.

  2. To prioritize issues that significantly affect physicians and patient care.
  3. To support medical staff contributions to the development and achievement of health authority plans and initiatives that directly affect physicians.
  4. To have meaningful interactions between the medical staff and health authority leaders, including physicians in formal HA medical leadership roles.

Please click here for more information on the Memorandum of Understanding:
Facility Engagement MOU

Background: Burnaby Hospital MSA and Facility Engagement Funding

The primary resolve of the Burnaby Hospital Medical Staff Physician Society (BHMSPS) is to distribute FE funds to attain appropriately:

1. Our Vision

Engaged medical staff providing exceptional patient care

2. Our Mission

  • Advance broad and meaningful physician relationships that enrich inter-physician communication and better unify the voices of Burnaby Hospital physicians.
  • Institute evidence-based patient care initiatives that enhance quality, safety, satisfaction, and value.
  • Develop a constructive partnership with local and regional administration to create, improve, and maintain effective and efficient healthcare delivery at Burnaby Hospital.
  • Foster relationships with community healthcare providers and other stakeholders that serve to heighten quality patient care via education, coordination, and collaboration

3. Our Strategic Plan 

Strategic Goal #1: Connect: maintain a culture that emphasizes collaboration and teamwork amongst medical staff and with site and regional leadership


  • Develop the MSA Website (and social media) to improve communication to/from medical staff
  • MSA Executive to continue to develop and maintain working relationships with local health administration
  • Working Group, Subcommittee Leads, and frontline medical staff to develop and maintain working relationships with local health administration.

Performance Measures:

  • The number of Physicians signed up for the website
  • Website Traffic
  • Number of meetings held with BH Executive Director & SMD
  • Weekly meetings with Site Medical Director
  • Ad hoc meetings were held with Executive Director
  • Executive Director attends MSA meetings
  • Utilize survey results to determine how well Health Authority/leadership is communicating with Medical Staff

Strategic Goal #2: Collaborate: working together as a team to provide comprehensive, patient- centered care with best outcomes


  • QI Café Attendance QI Projects submitted & completed
  • Develop an open-door program for discussion with MSA leadership to discuss issues of concern
  • Conduct regular MSA forums to discuss and disseminate MSA values, attitudes & behaviors that are important to each member
  • Providing MSA members with leadership opportunities/courses
  • ICS Education
  • DEI Education

Performance Measures:

  • How many physicians utilized QI services offered
  • Number and effectiveness of avenues medical staff have to connect with MSA Leadership to address issues
  • Number of forums held
  • Several courses are offered

Strategic Goal #3: Advocate: speaking up on behalf of medical staff and patients – for their rights, needs and well-being

  • Conduct wellness workshops to provide Medical Staff with tools to deal with workplace/daily stressors
  • Communicate to Burnaby Hospital medical staff about educational activities and team-building events to inspire participation

Performance Measures:

  • Attendance numbers

  • Number of workshops

  • Post-workshop surveys

  • Website Traffic

  • Monthly newsletter analytics



Please click here for more information on the current BHMSPS Strategic Plan:
About Us – Burnaby Hospital MSA

Background: Fraser Health and Facility Engagement Funding

The Fraser Health Authority and Burnaby Hospital’s local administration values the Facility Engagement process. Implementing many initiatives is meaningful mutual engagement with local and regional health authority representatives.

The strategic goals of the FHA are as follows:

Goal 1: Ensure a Focus on Cross-sector Change Initiatives Requiring Strategic Repositioning

a) A primary care model that provides comprehensive and coordinated team-based cases linked to specialized services
b) Improved health outcomes and reduced hospitalizations for seniors through effective community services
c) Improved health outcomes and reduced hospitalizations for those with mental health and substance use issues through effective community services
d) Timely access to appropriate surgical procedures

Goal 2: Support the Health and Well-being of British Columbians Through the Delivery of High-quality Health Care Services

a) Effective health promotion and responsive services

Goal 3: Deliver an Innovative and Sustainable Public Healthcare System

a) Effective health sector resources and approaches to funding

MOU Funding Criteria and SSC Funding Guidelines

FE funds are primarily intended to compensate physicians for their time participating in internal meetings and meetings with health authority partners concerning the FE initiative. Secondary uses of the funds include covering infrastructure costs of the MSA/physician societies.

The MOU prohibits the use of funds for:

  • Advertising except for physician recruitment ads;
  • Compensation for clinical services;
  • Purchase of real estate and vehicles;
  • Purchase of clinical equipment;
  • Donations to charities or political parties; and
  • Meeting attendance that is required as part of maintaining privileges

The SSC has provided supplementary guidelines on the use of FE funds.

Please click here for more information:

SSC Funding Guidelines
SSC Funding Guidelines Summary Table