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Re-introducing the FRONTLINE FACES BADGE!

Re-introducing the FRONTLINE FACES BADGE!

Does your staff role regularly require you to wear full PPE? Are you having trouble being recognized by your patients and colleagues? Burnaby Hospital Foundation has developed the “Frontline Faces” badge to make it easier to identify and connect with you.

About the badge:

At 4”x6”, the badge is larger than your employee identification and features your picture, as well as your first name (physicians may opt to include their last name, if preferred). Badges are wipeable for easy disinfecting, and attach to your PPE with an alligator clip. Badge requests are being accepted throughout the month of May.

How to opt-in:

If you work in ER, or one on of the COVID Floors, order your ID badge now. Starting next Tuesday, May 4, anyone can order their ID badge.

  1. Take a self-portrait OR select a self-portrait for your badge.
  2. Email the photo, as well as the name and position/title to appear on the badge, and your first and last name and department for delivery purposes. *Note: only first names will be used on the badge, unless otherwise requested by physicians. Using the subject “Frontline Faces Badge,” send all info to
  3. Please allow a minimum of one week for your badge to be created.
  4. The badge will be delivered by admin to your department manager when ready.