Kickstart Program

Due to the increasing breadth and complexity of ongoing BHMSPS projects, in 2018 the executive and working group agreed to move towards a sub-divisional structure.  Individual sub-divisions were created for the following domains:

  1. Communications and Engagement
  2. Information Technology
  3. Education and Leadership
  4. Quality Improvement
  5. Alignment and Operations
  6. Wellness

Each sub-division is managed by a subcommittee that reports to the Working Group on a regular basis.  The subcommittee supervises projects that have been assigned to their portfolio by the WG.  

Each subcommittee has a budget assigned to cover governance and administration of activities.  Currently, if a subcommittee identifies a KickStart Application potential project idea, they are required to submit a formal application to the WG for approval.  If approved, the project is then sent back to the subcommittee for implementation and delivery of said objectives.

The Subcommittee KickStart Program is a means for subcommittees to “kickstart” small projects that they feel meet the purpose and vision of their certain subcommittee without having to go to the WG initially.  

It is intended to be used to get small projects going as “test” cases to assess how feasible and actionable the project may be on a larger scale.  Once a project is deemed worthy, a formal separate application for funding should then be made to WG.  

The WG will allow subcommittees to unilaterally fund projects without approval by the supervising WG.  That said, the subcommittee is responsible to report all approved projects to the WG at a regular basis.  The WG reserves the right to formally re-evaluate the applicability and reject any KickStart funding of a select project.  

On a quarterly basis, the subcommittee is responsible to report to the WG use of KickStart funds.  At the end of the fiscal year, the use of the KickStart budget will be evaluated by the WG and recommendations made for the following year's budget.

KickStart funded initiatives must meet all of the following criteria:


  1. Meets one or more of the BHMSPS Mission Statements


  1. Meets one more tenets of the BHMSPS Strategic Plan


  1. Relates to the Subcommittee’s Purpose, Vision and Specific Tasks


  1. Does not have any of the Limitations as determined by the SSC Funding Guidelines (2018)


  1. Is not a project/initiative that is single-time cost event (e.g. course that with no intent of repeat)


  1. Is not a project/initiative that had been funded before with KickStart funds more than 2 concurrent years 

Download the Kickstart Application