What is the Financial Masterclass Project?

Financial Wellness has increasingly been recognized as an important determinant of mental health and well being. Financial literacy can help fight the stresses that lead to burnout. Yet, Financial literacy has long been a taboo subject in medicine. As an “altruistic profession”, physicians often don’t talk about the money they earn or what to do with it. Physicians often have little training in managing their medical business, investing or retirement planning.
The Burnaby Hospital Financial Wellness Masterclass series is a lecture series sponsored by the Burnaby Hospital Medical Staff Association to engage physicians in talking about finances and determinants of financial wellness such as insurance, estate planning and investing. The lectures occur quarterly through virtual meetings allowing spouses/partners to partake in knowledge acquisition. The lectures have included guest speakers that address a variety of topics of interest to those new to practice, in the accumulation and pre-retirement stages of their careers.