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FESR Workshop

The IMIT Workshop gave attendees a high-level overview of the FESR System. Implementing FESR at Burnaby is one step towards a new EMR System called Meditech Expanse. It will move us to all electronic documentation (physician, nursing, allied health), computerized provider order entry (CPOE), and closed-loop medication management.

The Fluency Flex Application is currently deployed throughout Fraser Health on all desktop and laptop devices, except for Thin Clients. All medical staff (MD & NPs) are eligible for training and can use the system immediately. Learning and using Fluency Flex application sooner will allow providers a comfort level when Meditech Expanse electronic provider documentation is implemented.

To begin using the Fluency Flex for dictation, medical staff must book a training session. Once booked, an account will be set-up. Please note that if you are already telephone dictating, your voice profile will follow you. Please connect with Christopher Vilches, FH FESR, Education Specialists Lead, to book a training session

IMIT is currently engaged with Dr. Sarah Ostler, Department Heads and physician champions to complete training at Burnaby. Furthermore, an inventory of computers that require microphones is being completed and the installation is set to be done by end of February. Those that book a training session will be prioritized.

As adoption of FESR increases at Burnaby, we hope to host follow-up FESR Workshop Part 2 to share best practices and to work through challenges together.

Special thanks to the IMIT Team and Dr. Amyeen Hassanali for presenting and answering questions at our FESR New Users Workshop.

Here are some of the questions and answers from the recent workshop:

What part of my workflow is FESR Replacing?

FESR is replacing anytime we pick up the phone to dictate a report.

Can I share my personalized commands and templates with my colleagues?

Yes, global templates can be shared with anyone else with a profile on Fluency Flex.

What can I expect when I start using FESR?

There will be a learning curve at the beginning and time will need to be invested up front for the system to run efficiently for medical staff. It will not be 100% accurate to begin with but will become more accurate and efficient with use.

Can I type into MModal Fluency Flex?


Can I copy and Paste from other reports?

If reports are accessible electronically, you can copy and paste into your current dictation. This is a great time efficiency tool.

Can I work on Fluency Flex at home?

Although remote connect is available at all FHA sites, it is not available on the VPN environment. However, it is something that is being worked on. Fluency Mobile App is being tested, which will allow you to access FESR remotely.

Will FESR know what medications I am dictating?

FESR currently hosts a vast library medications. However, some newer medications may not exist in the system yet. These can be added manually to personal profiles by the user.

Where can I find out more about Meditech Expanse?

Dr. Hassanali will be sharing more about the Meditech Expanse initiative at future IT sessions. He can also be reached at

How do I book a FESR Training Session?

Contact Christopher Vilches, FH FESR, Education Specialists Lead, to book a training session

For more Frequently Asked Questions…Read More

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