Welcome to the Quality Improvement Committee Information Hub!

Vision: To promote the awareness, development, implementation and advancement of quality improvement initiatives by the Burnaby Hospital Medical Staff.

Mission: To promote the culture of Quality Improvement amongst physicians and other medical staff to work together and with other clinical and ancillary staff as well as site and regional personnel, to explore best care, to exceed targets and standards, to boldly make changes to better patient outcomes

Here you will find a variety of resources, opportunities to generate your ideas, and project support.

QI Café

What is QI Café?
A forum to engage and empower medical staff and hospital employees to make improvements in their daily work of providing healthcare.

The QI Café is divided into 2 parts:
1) dedicate time to reviewing topics from the IHI QI Basics
2) provide an opportunity for participants to discuss project ideas.

Every 4th Friday |7am-9am - More Event Details

QI Projects

We are currently accepting projects. Apply Now!

  • Managing Delirium
    Lead: Dr. Zareena Abidin
    Aim: Reduce the use of psychotropic medication by 50% from baseline for managing delirium and BPSD and optimising and make available the use of non-pharmacological interventions by June 2021

  • Access and Flow
    Lead: Dr. Melissa Allan

  • Examining the impact of team based care with Physicians and Nurse Practitioners on Orthopedic Surgical patients
    Lead: Pamela Colley (NP)

  • Decreasing length of stay after complex shoulder operation by inserting nerve sheath catheters
    Lead: Dr. Reza Farji and Dr. Mike Chuang

  • The Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer
    Lead: Dr. Greg Monkewich

  • What Drugs are you on?
    Lead: Dr. Sarah Ostler
    Aim: By Nov 23, 2021 100% of the BH hospitalist discharge summaries will have document the changes made to the patients medication during their hospital stay
  • CAP - It's as easy as 1,3,5!
    Lead: Dr. Sarah Ostler
    Aim 1: Reduce average duration of IV antibiotics treatment for eligible patient diagnosed with community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) from 7 days to 3 days by March 2019
    Aim 2: Decrease average length of stay (ALOS) of eligible patients diagnosed with CAP by 20% by March 2019
    Poster | Charter | Driver Diagram

  • What the Echo! Reducing inpatient Echocardiograms at BH
    Lead: Dr. Sarah Ostler
    Aim: By Dec 15th 2019, the number of patients receiving inpatient echocardiogram at BH will decrease by 15%
    Poster | Charter | Driver Diagram

  • Finding Delirium in High Risk ED Admissions
    Lead: Dr. Donna Sue
    Aim: Increase the identification of pre-admission delirium by 25% in patients admitted from the ED by March 31, 2020

  • “What Drugs are you on?” – Medication Reconciliation Project
    Lead: Dr. Sarah Ostler
    Aim: By June 30, 2021, 90% of the BH Hospitalist discharge summaries will document the changes made to the patients' medications during their hospital stay
    Poster | Charter | Driver Diagram

PQI Fundamentals

Physician Quality Improvement offers a PQI Fundamentals workshop to develop quality improvement (QI) ideas for improving patient care:
  • Develop introductory skills on how to test and measure change,
    understand systems, build a team, and keep your project gains
  • In-class support for developing your own QI project idea
  • Sessional funding for eligible physicians
  • *Pre-requisite for PQI Certificate

    For more information: https://learninghub.phsa.ca/Courses/19460/pqi-fundamentals