The A&O subcommittee plays an important role in ensuring that the work of the MSA is successful by aligning our work with Regional and Site priorities as well as advocating for what MSA members feel is important in our work environment. We ensure the voice of the MSA is heard when site operations impact how MSA members do their work.

Our emphasis this past year has been on the impact of COVID at our site in addition to focusing on the continued involvement of the MSA in the Redevelopment of Burnaby Hospital. We recognize the extraordinary efforts of all MSA members in these two areas and we will continue to support you and expand our work on these two priorities.

Looking forward, we recognize that bringing Indigenous Cultural Safety to our healthcare system requires much change and we hope to listen and work with all our partners to bring changes that matter.

We have opportunities for 2 MSA members at large to be on this Subcommittee to work with our Site leaders, hone their own leadership skills, and provide their unique perspectives. We welcome your suggestions and inquiries into the work we do.  Please contact us at


  • BH Access & Flow 2021/2022
    Lead: Paul Johar & Sarah Ostler
  • BH MRP Working Group (IM, Hospitalist & ER) 2021/2022
    Lead:Pierre Camateros
  • Dept Head Hours Project 2021/2022
    Lead:Paul Johar
  • Redevelopment MSA Perspectives 2021/2022
    Lead: Paul Johar
  • Alignment & Operations_Medication expenditure 2021/2022 Kickstart
    Lead:Bal Khosa & Joel Bluman
  • Alignment & Operations_Minor OR Data
    Lead:Rebecca Nelson
  • BH MRP Working Group (IM, Hospitalist & ER)
    Lead: Lee, Mitch
  • Chest Tube Working Group
    Lead: Luke Armstrong
  • COPD Pathway
    Lead: Tiffany Winstone
  • COVID-19 MSA Plan
    Lead: Paul Johar
  • Critical Care Group
    Lead: Neil Long
  • Dept Head Hours Project
    Lead: Paul Johar
  • Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS)
    Lead: Gavin Gracias
  • Home First Residential Care Optimization
    Lead: Julia Stewart
  • Hospitalist & PCC Collaboration Committee Meetings
    Lead: Sarah Ostler
  • Primary Care Network - Urgent Primary Care Clinic
  • Collaboration
    Lead: Charlene Lui
  • Psychiatric and Emergency Department Collaboration Review Project
    Lead: John Ronsley
  • Redevelopment Department Head Hours
    Lead: Paul Johar
  • Team Building Project - Obs & Gynecology
    Lead: Jenny Muir
  • Medication Expenditures Kickstart
    Lead: Joel Bluman/Bal Khosa
  • Improving Accuracy of Minor OR Data Kickstart
    Lead: Rebecca Nelson